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Dustbin Doris is the latest theatre production by Rhubarb Theatre that secured funding of £1000 through the Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) Grant scheme earlier this year.

The BTAC Grant scheme allowed Rhubarb Theatre to cover the costs of the filmography to promote the play and the creation of a free online Environmental Arts Activity Pack aimed at helping all KS2 primary children in Lincolnshire learn the importance of looking after their environment.

The pack will encourage children and communities to be proactive, providing activities and advice that can make a difference to the centre of Boston and helps to enforce the Council’s Environment Policy 2021 as part of the ongoing climate and environment emergency.

The pack can be used alone or paired with the Dustbin Doris theatre production, which follows the story of an old homeless woman who makes her own home out of recycling rubbish that she finds on her travels. The play deals with themes of recycling, sustainability and the effects of climate change and homelessness.

The BTAC Grant has allowed us to reach out to schools in the Boston area and give support and inspiration towards their environmental projects. By offering a combination of online resources, workshops and performance, there’s something every school can access, at this challenging time

Kirsty MeadArtistic Director - Rhubarb Theatre

I am pleased the committee decided to fund Rhubarb Theatre’s production and activity pack in support of the recycling and sustainability education that is needed across our Borough and for future generations

Councillor Paul GoodaleChairman - Boston Town Area Committee