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Lincolnshire Housing Partnership have been awarded the prestigious One to Watch accolade following the completion of the Best Companies survey earlier this year.

All LHP employees were invited to take part in the confidential survey, feeding back on what the company like as a workplace, what they do well and what can be improve on.

The uptake was described as “excellent”, with 83% of employees completing the survey. The results placed the housing association just 0.4 points away from a coveted Best Companies one-star rating.

We’re really pleased with the engagement from staff and the response. To be accredited as Best Companies Ones to Watch at our first attempt is an amazing result and we’re delighted that so many of our staff feel engaged with LHP as an employer.

We’re not going to rest on our laurels though. We’re committed to improving on that score and making LHP an even better, more enjoyable, and more productive place to work.

Murray MacdonaldChief Executive Officer - Lincolnshire Housing Partnership