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Sunday saw crowds of spectators travel to the newly established Mayhem Gym for Boston’s Strongest event, with a variety of competitions including a deadweight car lift, women’s “mayhem machine” pull, lorry pull and much more.

Featuring delicious baked treats from Bake Me Sweet, drinks from Fuddy Duck Brewery, a raffle, barbecue and much more, organisers said the community focussed event was a huge success, despite intermittent showers.

The raffle, with proceeds going toward the family of local swimming coach, Nicolle Herrington who sadly passed away, raised in excess of £1000.

This Sunday was the start of something special.

Participants pulled an 8 tonne American truck, lifted a car, pressed unbelievable amounts of weight above their heads, carried over twice their own bodyweight and lobbed a giant concrete ball about.

30 competitors battled it out to win prize money donated by Craig Woodward, Bombay Club, Tip Tan Toe and A C Jackson Builders. Strom Sports Nutrition provided us with our special guest referee, Ben "Badger" Brunning to officiate alongside The Impressive Candler and an array of supplements for the top three in each category!

Hundreds of spectators flooded the Mayhem car park and the support was phenomenal - it really showed off that Boston community spirit that we are all so proud of.

An incredible amount of money was raised for Nicolle Herrington’s family - Thank You

Now we start to plan for next year. Bigger and better.

Thomas & Sarah CheneryMayhem Gym

If you’d like to donate to the fundraiser in memory of Nicolle, visit

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