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The introduction of the plastic bag tax in 2015 has seen a reduction of 90%. Building on this success the government banned plastic straws, stirrers, and cotton buds in April 2021 in the hope to reduce more plastic. However, plastic is still very much a part of lives, so community groups have decided to do some something about it.
The Plastic Free Boston has recently been visiting businesses in Boston to discuss going plastic free, the Owner of The Little Kitchen, Oana Cunningham was the first business in Boston to be awarded plastic free community champion, and was recently presented with her award by the Mayor of Boston, Cllr Frank Pickett.

Even though we are a small business and in the grand scheme of things our little business is a drop in the ocean but if we do it, hopefully others will follow.

Oana CunninghamOwner - The Little Kitchen
Other businesses aiming to become plastic free community champion are:
Boston Lock Cafe
Zero Waste Boston UK
Captain Cod Traditional Fish & Chips
Snak Shak Catering Co