A new vehicle will help firefighters tackle fires and hazardous spills more effectively in Lincolnshire.

The combined water carrier, decontamination and environmental protection unit has a 10,000 litre capacity and replaces the services’ previous smaller 6,000 litre water carrier. It’s thought to be the only one of its kind in the country.

This is a great asset to our fleet of new fire appliances and will allow our crews to tackle fires where there are low or no water supplies. It will also carry specialist equipment to deal with dangerous spills and leaks.

It's part of the council's £8 million investment in new equipment and appliances to make sure our firefighters and residents are kept as safe and well protected as possible.

Councillor Nick WorthExecutive Councillor for Emergency Services - Lincolnshire County Council

This unit will be incredibly useful at many different types of incident. At larger fires, it may mean fewer fire appliances will be needed as it carries as much water as five fire appliances.

It will carry equipment for containing hazardous chemical or oil spills, removing the leaked material, drying out the area and preventing it entering drainage and water courses.

There is even specialist kit to clean and decontaminate firefighters who have worked in dangerous environments on site, before they leave the incident.

Spencer CreekArea Manager - Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

The new multi-purpose vehicle will come into service during May 2021. Its call sign will be ‘Charlie Whiskey’.