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An exciting new home-made catering delivery business has launched in Boston, and has proved to be highly popular amongst the towns residents.

Owned by professional chef, Sean Elderfield, the idea became a reality after getting bored throughout furloughed for the best part of the yearend felt his time would be better used.

The husband and wife duo launched the Boston Box Chef earlier in January, and are proud of the results they have achieved so far. Seans wife, Pippa, manages the website and online store, whilst Sean does all the cooking/preparing, however Sean admitted to regularly seeking advice and feedback from family and friends to ensure the best products are created and a wide audience base is met.

Boston Box Chef currently supply home meal kits to a restaurant standard and try to take as much prep work out of cooking so the customer spends less time in the kitchen.

Speaking exclusively to Boston VIBE, Sean said:

Here at The Boston Box Chef our top priority is customer satisfaction, it’s what drives us forward.
We strive to be the best at what we do, delivering restaurant quality meal kits to peoples doors.

We’re a small business looking to make a big impact on people’s lives taking as much preparation time out of the kitchen so people can enjoy more time eating.

Our first couple of weeks have been a real learning curve, and busier than initially thought! We’ve had a lot of repeat custom which is good and we’re looking forward to Valentine’s Day!

Sean ElderfieldOwner - Boston Box Chef

Boston Box Chef currently operate within a 10mile radius – 7miles from Wyberton includes free delivery & 10miles from Wyberton has a minimal delivery charge of £2.

More information on the Boston Box Chef can be found by visiting their Facebook page here.

Order online through their website now –