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A business on the outskirts of Boston has launched an online petition against Boston Borough Council over the Local Restrictions Grant payments, due to a delay in submitting their premises to be rated.

The local authority left it until 26th October 2020 for V-ATE to submit their premises to the valuation office, in spite of the fact that they were aware back in August that the highly popular restaurant would begin trading in September of the same year.

To date, the valuation has still not been carried out, therefore any grant application is being refused.

We need to ask for your help and support at a time when we are unable to welcome you all in to our restaurant. Our local government (Boston Borough Council) are refusing to pay us our Local Restrictions Grant payments due to their delay in submitting our premises to be rated. We desperately need your help to apply pressure and raise awareness of our plight.

With these restrictions now extended for (optimistically) at least another 3 months, we can't hold it in and just be patient any longer.

Victoria BurdenV-ATE

The family-run, popular Automotive themed diner, situated at the newly constructed A17 Sutterton Roundabout, was previously sited next door to its sister American styled diner, Witham and Blues at Langrick Bridge.

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