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A Boston garden centre has overcome COVID-19 restrictions to allow Santa to greet residents of the Borough before he visits on Christmas morning.

Johnsons Garden Centre on Wainfleet Road, have worked with Environmental Health officers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to establish and maintain the highest possible COVID security throughout the business. The garden centre are constantly reviewing operations and invite the Environmental Health team in regularly to check out how they are doing.

After a really difficult year for everyone, Johnsons was determined to 'save Christmas' for the children of Boston.

Knowing people in our local community have faced huge challenges on all levels this year, we have made Santa accessible to everyone. We didn't know if we would be able to even have Santa here at all until the last minute, but we've pulled it off, working with Environmental Health to keep it safe, and most importantly, seeing Santa is free! If you want a present from 'Santa Claus Stores', that is all you pay for and we are giving all the children who buy one a free baby Christmas Tree that they can plant, giving us all a little hope for a better future!

David IsaacManaging Director - Johnsons of Boston
Santa is isolating at Johnsons at weekends! Children can see him and say hello, but he is in a special Christmassy Quarantine Zone (with his sleigh and hot chocolate!).
Children and families are encouraged to wrap up warm because it’s all outside under the cover of a large poly tunnel.
Santa himself  is located opposite the garden centre’s magical, outdoor, Santa Claus Stores, where children can choose a present safely. All presents can be taken to one of the checkouts to be paid for – meaning no tickets, no booking and no queues. This minimises the risk of crowds, and allows people to maintain safe distances.
Santa is at Johnsons only at weekends between 10 and 4 on Saturdays and Sundays.
YOU CAN SEE SANTA even if you don’t buy a present! People who have suffered financially during the pandemic will not miss out!
SANTA CLAUS STORES is open EVERY DAY up until Christmas Eve. Santa has filled it with fantastic presents and baby Christmas Trees. The presents are amazing and every one is just £5. with every present you are given a free baby Christmas tree. It is a magical pop up shop
‘Santa Claus Stores, (New York, Paris, The North Pole  & Johnsons of Boston) is a magical shop usually reserved exclusively for Elves, Fairy Godmothers, Kim Kardashian and HM the Queen, but this year, it is open to YOU!’