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A new Boston based business, offering home delivered produce, has recently announced an expansion to its delivery fleet following a surge in demand.

Yummy offers residents of Boston the opportunity to enjoy fresh, high-quality meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, bread and bakery goods, sourced from local shops without the need to leave their home.

Established in the middle of 2020, Yummy is the idea of Lincolnshire businessman Julian Wilkinson, owner of Lincolnshire Pride magazine. Julian is known for being a keen advocate of supporting local retailers and food producers, but also a fan of the convenience that online shopping provides. So now… he’s combined the two!

The Yummy team, led by Julian, have partnered with names like Carl Dunham’s Family Butchers, H Dawson and Sons Butchers, The Cheese Society, The Lincolnshire Drizzle Company, Posh Nosh, FreshDrop Fruit & Veg, East Lincolnshire Seafood, The Flower Shop Kirton, Pilgrim Honey, Olawa Bakery and many more. Yummy provides the amazing convenience of home delivery from local shops and one single drop-off, all for just a small nominal fee.

Following high demand for fresh produced supplied by Yummy from residents around the borough, Julian and his team have recently announced through their social media platforms that another vehicle has been purchased in order to assist with deliveries, doubling the current operational remit.

“We always had an idea to champion local products, suppliers and farmers and Julian had been thinking of how to do it with utilising the convenience of supermarket home delivery but instead of mass produced products from factories, would use fresh, local products.

We wanted to give customers the best case scenario between quality and convenience.

We had to figure out whether we use couriers or have people use their own transport to bring the produce, but we had to make sure the food reached people safely so took the decision to have our own vans.

It’s been a steep learning curve, and it was a challenge, we didn’t want this to end up being more expensive than supermarkets. It’s a deceptively simple idea and its taken a lot of head-scratching to get the service right.

What's taken us by surprise is the fantastic feedback we’ve had, people really like our service and we’ve got a great working relationship with our suppliers, who are earning hundreds of pounds a day through us.”

Rob DavisYummy

More details on the Yummy service, a full list of current suppliers on board with the Yummy scheme, and information on how you can get your Yummy box can be found by visiting