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Organisers say the Coronavirus pandemic give the 1620 lanterns celebration an added poignancy this year as the community starts to look ahead with optimism.

A joint project between Boston Borough Council and art organisation Transported, the idea of the project is to have a pop-up trail of lanterns in outdoor locations around the town on the Thursday 26 November.

Laura Mabbutt of Transported said the idea was people would discover them during their daily exercise.

It had originally been planned to have specific displays in certain locations around the town, but the latest lockdown had put an end to that.

“We are also pushing more for people to make and display lanterns at home so they and their neighbours can enjoy them during their daily walks in a similar way that the rainbows spread some creativity joy earlier in the year,” Laura said.

“We also have some schools and other community groups who are going to make their own display of lanterns outside of their buildings.

“Not only does the project commemorate the Mayflower’s 400 Anniversary but, in light of the pandemic, its meaning has evolved to include the spread of light and hope during the current times we live in.”

Coun Richard Austin, portfolio holder for heritage, said: “Boston played a very important part in the establishment of the USA that we know today.

“It is a very important anniversary that we should all do our best to celebrate in these suggested ways.

“I would like to encourage all residents and businesses to do what they can in these circumstances and support this event and look forward to all the ideas coming forward.”

Trasnported’s Director Nick Jones said: “The 1620 Lanterns project reflects Transported’s approach to take inspiration from our History and heritage to inform new artistic experiences.

“It is inspired by the Illuminate project, which itself was informed by the words of Pilgrim leader William Bradford 400 years ago – ‘Just as one small candle may light a thousand, so the light here kindled hath shone unto many.’ It has a significance this year as we move towards new, better and healthier, more optimistic times.’

Anyone who wants to create a lantern is urged to share them by tagging Transported on social media (@transportedart) using the hashtag #onesmallcandle

If you would like to take part, either by yourself or by working with our specialists let us know, by emailing